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The 12th edition of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award has recently unveiled its longlist for the children’s literature category. It features 13 titles that were picked out of 135 entries written by authors from 16 countries. Majority entries have come in from Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

The longlist includes three titles published by Lebanese publisher, Academia International, namely, Min Labiss Thiyab Sanjoob? (Who wore Sanjoob’s Clothes?) by Lebanese author Salma Atallah; Al-Thi’b wal Sada (The Wolf and the Echo) by Lebanese author Hasan Khalil Abdallah; and Samt Hadi (Hadi’s Silence) by Lebanese author Rania Zbib Dhaher.

The list also features the following books: Kookh Ni’mat (Ni’mat’s Hut) by Lebanese novelist Wafa’a Al Huseini, published by Dar Kitab Samer, Beirut; Al Imlaq Hona wa Honak (The Giant, Here and There) by Lebanese writer Rania Zaghir, published by Khayyat Saghir; Al Misbah wal Aujaja (The Lamp and the Bottle), By Egyptian author Amr Al-Adly, published by Rewaq, Cairo; Fi Bilad Allah Al Wasi’a (In the Vast Lands of God) by Lebanese novelist Basma Khatib, published by Dar Adab, Beirut; and Ana Salma (I am Salma) by Syrian author Lina Hawyan Al Hasan, published by Hakayaa, Beirut.

Other selected titles include, Mughamara Ajeeba Ghareeba (A Strange and Marvelous Adventure) by Jordanian novelist Taghreed Al Najjar, published by Dar Al Salwa, Jordan; Lam Akon Atawaqqa (I Was not Expecting That) by Jordanian novelist Rashed Issa, published by Dar Dijlah, Jordan; Jada’el Khadra (Green Braids) by Syrian author Muhannad Al-Aqous, published by Kalimat Group, UAE; Al Dinoraf (The Dynoraf) by Emirati author Hessa Almehairi, published by Al Hudhud Publishing and Distribution, UAE; and Kitab Al Tasa’olat (The Book of Questions) by Saudi author Dalia Toonsi, published by Dar Arwa Al-Arabeia, KSA.