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The Sheikh Zayed Book Award has revealed its highly anticipated longlists in the ‘Young Author’ and ‘Children’s Literature’ categories for its 15th edition (2020-2021). The Award announced that this year’s ‘Young Author’ and ‘Children’s Literature’ longlists feature a combined 27 works from 11 Arab countries.

‘Young Author’ proved to be this edition’s most contested category, receiving 646 submissions (28 percent of all submissions received). The longlist comprises 14 titles ranging from narrative and poetic works to academic dissertations and critical studies, by young authors coming from nine Arab countries: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, and Palestine.

The longlisted titles, include: Nuzha fi Fina’ al Shak (A Walk in the Courtyard of Doubt) a poetic work by Saudi Arabian author Hassan Abdu Sumayli, published by Tashkeel Publishing in 2019; Siratun Thatiyya lel Farasha (Biography of the Butterfly) a poetic work by Egyptian writer Mohammed Ismail, published by Bardia Publishing & Distribution in 2019; Ka’annaho al She’r (As if it is Poetry) a poetic work by Yemeni writer Gabr Badani, published by Dar Al Atyaf Publishing & Distribution in 2019 and Sett Zawaya lel Salaat (Six Corners for Prayer) by Egyptian writer Amira Badawy, published by El Ain Publishing in 2020.

They also consist of: Laylat Yalda (Yalda Night) by Egyptian writer Ghada Al-Absi, published by Dar Al Tanweer in 2018; Khiva (Khiva) by Egyptian writer Ahmed Farahat, published by Kotobna in 2020; Malindi: Hikayatul Holm al Afreeqi (Malindi: The Tale of the African Dream) by Lebanese writer Mohammad Tarazi, published by Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc. in 2019; La’allaha Mazha (It Might be a Joke) by Emirati writer Salha Obaid, published by Almutawassit Books with Dar Melad in 2018; Ma Taraktu Khalfi (What I Left Behind) by Palestinian writer Shatha Mustafa, published by Nofal/Hachette Antoine in 2020 and Al Qadaya al Naqdiyya fi Rasa’il Ikhwan al Safaa’ wa Khillan al Wafaa’ (Critique in the Epistles of the Brethren of Purity and Loyal Friends) by Syrian author Alaa Yassin Diab, published by the Syrian General Authority for Books in 2019.

Moroever, other longlisted titles cover: Ishkaliyyat al That al Sarida fil Rewayatil Nesa’eyyatil Suodiyya (1999-2012 AD) – Dirasa Naqdiyya (The Problems of the Narrated Self in the Saudi Feminist Novel (1999 – 2012) – Critical Study) by Saudi Arabian writer Dr. Asma Muqbil Awad Alahmadi, published by Arab Scientific Publishers, Inc. in 2020; and Mushkilat al Kuliyyat al Mantiqiyya Dirasatun li Haqiqat al Kullei wa Atharuhu min al Guthoor al Yonaneyya ela al Falsafa al Hadeetha (The Problem of Logical Totality – A Study of the Reality of Totality and its Implications from the Greek Roots to Modern Philosophy) by Saudi Arabian researcher Dr. Maher bin Abdulaziz Al-shebl, published by Editions Ibn Nadim Publishing & Distribution/Dar Al Rawafed in 2020.

Al Ruwa’eyya fel Mudawwanatil Sardiyyatil Arabaiyyatil Nahdaweyya – Dirasa fi Tadakhul al Khitabat (The Fiction in the Arab Renaissance Narrative Script – A Study of the Overlapping Discourses) by the Algerian writer Dr. Fayza Loulou, published by Dar Al Hamed for Publishing & Distribution in 2020; and Al Simat al Faneyya wal Qiyam al Jamaliyya fil Khutoot al Arabiyya ala al Ama’er al Mamlukiyya; Qal’ata (al Karak wal Shubak) Unmuthajan (648 – 923 H/1250-1517 AD) (Artistic Features and Aesthetic Value of Arabic Calligraphy in Mamluk Architecture – Karak and Shobak Castles (648 – 923 AH/1250-1517 AD) by Jordanian writer Dr. Refat Bawaizeh, published by the Jordanian Ministry of Culture in 2019, were also among the longlisted titles.

The ‘Children’s Literature’ category received 244 submissions for the 15th edition of the Award. The longlist consists of 13 titles by authors from seven Arab Countries: the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Tunisia, Syria, and Morocco They are as follows: Al Ghoul wa Nabtat al Aleeq (The Beast and the Blackberry) by Emirati writer Naseeba Alozaibi, published by Dar Ashjar Publishing and Distribution in 2019; Hikayat Ameera (The Tales of a Princess) by Egyptian writer Abdulhakeem Mahmoud, published by Nahdet Misr Publishing in 2020; Hadiqat al Zumurrud (The Emerald Garden) by Moroccan writer Raja Malah, published by Dar AlMoualef Publishing and Distribution/Maalem Printing, Publishing and Distribution in 2019; and Ghafatan (Two Ghaf Trees) by Emirati writer Nadia Alnajjar, published by Al Hudhud Publishing and Distribution in 2019.

They also include: Mir’at Sayyidat al Nahr (The River’s Lady Mirror) by Tunisian writer Mounira Daraoui, published by Dar Waraqa in 2020; Hakatha Taharrakat al Duma (This is How the Dolls Moved) by Lebanese writer Amal Nasser, published by Kalimat Group in 2020; Jisr al Digital (The Digital Bridge) by Egyptian writer Michel Hanna, published by Dar El Shorouk Publishing & Distribution in 2019; Hikayat Waraqa (The Story of a Paper) by Syrian writer Obada Takla, published by Dar Al Saqi in 2020; Ijasat Mela (Mela’s Pear) by Lebanese writer Fatima Sharafeddine, published by Dar Al Saqi in 2019; and Kayfa Faqadat al Buma Minqaraha (How the Owl Lost its Beak) by Saudi Arabian writer Ali Al-Saba’an, published by Dar Ashjar Publishing and Distribution in 2020.

Sane’ al Qubba’at (The Hat Maker) by Saudi Arabian writer Latifah Al-Shelwi, published by Dar Kadi and Ramadi Publishing & Distribution in 2019; Rihlat Fannan (An Artist’s Journey) by Tunisian writer Mizouni Bannani, published by Dar Al Mua’nasa Publishing in 2020; and Qittati Tu’allif Kitaban (My Cat is Writing a Book) by Egyptian writer Ashraf Abouelyazid, published by Dar Shagara Publishing in 2020 are also among the longlist.

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award will announce the longlists for its other categories over the coming weeks.