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A partnership with Wajeez will enable Anghami, the leading music and entertainment streaming platform in the Middle East and North Africa, to offer audiobook summaries.

This deal will expand the company’s unrivaled collection of audio content by thousands of audible book summaries, it said in a statement.

Anhami’s strategic partnership with Wajeez demonstrates its commitment to providing users with world-class Arabic content while diversifying its offerings to meet their needs,” the company said.

Over 72 million users can now access Wajeez’s audio summaries, which include popular and highly noteworthy books and novels, such as local, regional, and international titles.

In the Arab world, stories have long been a cultural and historical cornerstone, and Anghami’s partnership with fast-growing startups such as Wajeez marks a new chapter in our quest to leverage audio content’s full potential,” said Elie Habib, co-founder and CTO.

Anghami’s partnership with Wajeez reinforces our vision to spread culture and knowledge in the Arab world. We believe that knowledge gained through reading constitutes awareness, which is a fundamental pillar for renaissance, advancement and civilization.

MENA’s largest podcast and book summaries platform, Wajeez, provides users with Arabic podcasts and book summaries that are carefully selected for an expansive regional audience. During the 15-minute presentation, the content is presented in an interesting, engaging, and fun way.