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Ardent Tom Hanks fans across the globe who eagerly look forward to owning his first book, Uncommon Type: Some Stories, will have it in their libraries by October 2017 – publisher Alfred A. Knopf has confirmed.

The two-time Oscar winner’s book features 17 fictional stories that each involve a different variety of typewriter, Hanks’ collectible of choice. The actor worked on these stories across two years during the shooting of his movies in New York, Berlin, Budapest. He wrote them in hotels during press tours, vacations and while he was on planes, at home, and in the office.

The stories combine humour, warmth and wit – traits that distinguish Hanks’ personality. He has put his love of vintage typewriters to good use in the process of writing this book. His collection exceeds a hundred of these old elegant beauties, and each story he writes pays tribute to a different one.

In addition to sharing his literary voice, Hanks will lend his actual spoken voice to the audio version of the book, which he’ll narrate.