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French publisher, Stock, a subsidiary of Hachette Livre, has recently released The Lessons of Power by former French President François Hollande. The book is a narrative about his political experience as a president, the challenges and problems he had to overcome on personal and political levels during his tenure, and offers insights into some crucial mistakes he made during his presidential mandate.

In his book, Hollande deals with many domestic and international issues, notably labour law reforms, partnerships with European countries, and his relations with presidents and leaders of the world, especially Russian President, Vladimir Putin, former US President, Barack Obama, and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

In the final pages of the book, which is expected to be translated into Arabic by a Lebanese publisher, Francois Hollande emphasises that his willingness to be of political service to France has nothing to do with him holding a position of power or election participation, but his eagerness to keep contributing to the nation’s developmental process.


Image credit: AFP