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Our children have given up on books. Between televisions and smartphones, one of the primary building blocks of a child’s life, i.e. books, is almost lost. Most children’s publishers are giving up on their revenue ends due to the low sales of books and are shifting to e-books or simply shutting down.

But all hope is not lost. BOOKR, a leading e-book publisher, has come up with a revolutionary method of engaging children into healthy reading habits, and they are able to do this with the help of their BOOKR Kids line of storybooks, audiobooks, interactive games, and animations. What’s even better is that BOOKR Kids can be easily adapted onto any smart device and thus your kid can now learn on the go.

The BOOKR Kids is much more than your regular e-book and it can not only help your child learn the necessary lessons but also inculcate in them a desire to read and gain knowledge. This is an attitude that has been lost to the present generation of children and BOOKR aims to solve it through their engaging learning experience. The entire library of BOOKR Kids and all the lessons have been gamified, i.e. given the appearance of video games through quizzes and other quirky features. This allows the children to approach their reading material as a fun activity rather than a task. Highlighted texts and animated characters are used to help embed the lessons in the minds of the children and there is also constant narration to help with any lesson. The user interface is also developed keeping in mind a child’s technology usage capacity and thus it becomes really easy to use.

The BOOKR Kids range of lessons include nursery rhymes, literature, cultural lessons, and various situational exercises. So, alongside the basic educational lessons, a child can learn a variety of other things with the help of these interactive e-books. The BOOKR Kids also comes with an admin system which can be used by teachers or parents to keep a track of the learning curve of their children, assign the necessary reading material, and allocate homework. It can even allow you to allocate hidden rewards when a child completes a task, thereby increasing their willpower to learn more. Many other such applications can be found in the BOOKR Kids app. All in all, the BOOKR Kids serves to be a complete source of education for every child.

Apart from the BOOKR Kids, BOOKR also provides AR and VR devices which can integrate with their apps. They also provide a variety of other digital marketing solutions such as UI/UX development, promotional activities, digital experience consultation, AI services, etc. Some of the leading brands that have partnered with BOOKR Kids for various services include Unilever, Samsung, MasterCard, Angry Birds, etc. BOOKR also maintains a green approach towards their business and service provisions.