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In the midst of the growing Arab community in Turkey, Syrian refugee and writer Abeer Al Nahhas established “Azraq Publishing and Distribution”, the first Syrian publishing house specialised in publishing Arabic and Turkish publications.

Al Nahhas established the publishing house with members of her family, specialising in authorship, illustration, design, marketing and management.

She received financial support from her family and friends, as well as payment facilities from the Turkish press. She released the first collection of novels, stories and children’s books at the 5th edition of the Istanbul International Book Fair in 2018, which saw a huge turnout.

With a portfolio of 12 books, Al Nahhas looks forward to participating in Arab book fairs following the release of more books. Al Nahhas pointed out that she focuses on publishing books in both Arabic and Turkish. Each book includes the text in both languages simultaneously to facilitate integration between Arabic and Turkish cultures.