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Around 300 publishers and other organizations are participating in the inaugural Madinah Book Fair, which opened on Thursday, June 16 at the King Salman bin Abdelaziz Center for Exhibitions and Conferences in Saudi Arabia.

The 10-day event runs until June 25. Workshops, cultural programs, and events for children provide insight into the creation of literature and the publishing industry.

It is aimed at enhancing Madinah’s cultural status, boosting Saudi publishing, encouraging cultural exchange between countries, providing an integrated reading experience and enhancing awareness of reading as a tool for improving quality of life, according to organizers.

A total of eleven nations will be attending the fair: 10 Arab countries – Kuwait, Iraq, Tunisia, Algeria, UAE, Oman, Mauritania, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and the UK.

More than 80 of the 300 participating publishers and organizations come from the Kingdom, including universities, research centers, foundations, commissions, and bookstores.

The attractions included immersive offerings in Arabic and English for children, including educational theatrical shows and workshops on topics such as storytelling, handicrafts, drawing, writing, interactive reading, heritage arts, Arabic calligraphy and philosophy.

Source: Arab News