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The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) has announced the longlists in the ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’ and ‘Literary and Art Criticism’ categories for the award’s 14th edition (2019-2020), selecting 21 works written and published by various Arab authors and publishing houses.


The longlist for the ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’ category consists of 11 titles selected from 223 nominations. The longlisted titles are:

Sojoon Al Thaqafah (Prisons of Culture), by the Saudi writer Saleh Zeyad, published by Dar Al Tanweer Printing & Publishing in 2019.

Rehlah Nahwa Al Sadarah Kayf Asbaha al Khaleej al Arabi Markazan Alameyan Lelbetrokemaweyat (A Journey to the Forefront of How the Arabian Gulf Has Become a Global Petrochemical Hub), by the Saudi writer Dr. AbdulWahab Al Sadoun, published by Dar Al-Saqi in 2019.

Al Tasamuh Zenat Al Dunya wa Al Deen (Tolerance is the Allurement of Life and Religion), by Turki Al-Dakhil from Saudi Arabia, and published by Madarek Publishing House in 2019.

Al Eqab wa Alghulow fe Al Feqh wa Al Turath Al Eslami (Punishment and Excess in Islamic Jurisprudence and Heritage), by Rasheed Al-Khayoun from Iraq, issued by Al-Mesbar Studies and Research Center in 2018.

La Ahad Yanam fe Al Manamah (No One Sleeps in Manama), by Dr. Nader Kadhim from Bahrain and issued by Dar Soual in 2019.

Tatawur Al Derasat Al Arabiya fe Al Yaban (The Evolution of Arab Studies in Japan 1945 – 2016), by Dr. Massoud Daher from Lebanon, published by Dar al-Farabi in 2019.

Hanibal Batal Qartaj wa Al Mutawaset (Hannibal, the Hero of Carthage and the Mediterranean), by Mohamed Hussein Fantar from Tunisia, published by Kalima for Publishing & Distribution in 2018.

Dawlet Salateen Al Mamaleek fe Masr (The State of the Mamluk Sultans in Egypt), by Ayman Fouad Sayed from Egypt, and published by Al Dar Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah in 2019.

Fe Naqd Al Khetab Al Esteshraqi, Serat Mohammad wa Nashat Al Islam fe Al Esteshraq Al Faransi Al Muaser (In Criticism of Orientalist Discourse, the Biography of Muhammad and the Genesis of Islam in Contemporary French Orientalism), by Dr. Hassen Bzainia from Tunisia, and published by Masciliana Editions in 2019.

Azmet Alqeraah wa Al Thaqafah fe Al Maghreb wa Al Alam Al Arabi’ Muhawala fee Tashkhes Al Da’a wa Wasef Al Dawa (The Crisis of Reading and Culture in Morocco and the Arab World – an Attempt at Diagnosing the Disease and Prescribing Medicine), by Mohamed Bouslam from Morocco, published by Dar Bou Regreg Printing and Publishing House in Rabat in 2017.

Ibn Rushd wa Bena’ Al Nahda Al Fekriya Al Arabiya (Ibn Rushd and the Building of the Arab Intellectual Renaissance), by Dr. Aziz Al-Haddadi from Morocco, and published by Dar Ma Baad Al Hadathah in 2017.


In the ‘Literary and Art Criticism’ category, 10 works were selected out of 188 nominations, as follows:

Baid Al Adahi: Rehla Naho Fahm Al She’er wa Tafsereh wa Ta’weeleh (The Eggs of Al-Adahi: A Journey towards Understanding and Interpreting Poetry), by Dr. Omar Abdulaziz AlSaif from Saudi Arabia, published by Dar Al Nahda Al Arabiya in 2019.

Al Ostory – Altasees wa Al Tajnees wa Al Naqd (The Legendary – Foundation, Naturalization and Criticism), by Mohammed Lamine Bahri from Algeria, published by Dar Al-Aman, Al Ikhtilaf Publishing and Difaf Publishing in 2018.

Al Momken wa Al Motakhayal: Al Marjea’aya Al Seyaseya fe Al Rewayah (The Possible and Imagined: The Political Reference in the Novel), by Dr. Abderrahmane Temara from Morocco, published by Kunouz Al-Ma’refa Publishers in 2019.

Al Intekhab Allesani: Nahwa Tarekhaniya Jadeeda Lelma’ana fe Al Khetab (The Linguistic Election: A New History of Meaning in the Speech), by Dr. AbdelFattah Ahmed Youssef from Egypt, published by Al Rawafed Culture Publishers (Beirut, Lebanon) and Ibn al-Nadim Publishing and Distribution (Algeria) in 2019.

Mohakat John Barth le Shahrazad: Alf Lelah wa Lelah fe Al Motakhayal Al Amreki Ma Ba’ad Al Hadathah (John Barth’s Simulation of Shahrazad: A Thousand and One Nights in the American Postmodern Fantasy), by Lahsen Benaziza from Morocco, and published by Kunouz Al-Ma’refa Publishers in 2017.

Al Thakerah fe Al Haki Al Rewaey: Al Etyan Ela Al Madi men Al Mostaqbal (The Memory in The Narrative: Coming to the Past from the Future), by Abderrahim Jairane from Morocco, published by Dar Al Ketab Al Jadeedah Al Motahedah in 2019.

Fetnat Al Aslaf: Heidegger Qarea’n Kant (The Fascination of the Ancestors Heidegger is a Reader of Kant), written by Dr. Rasool Mohammed Rasool from Iraq, and issued by Mominoun Without Borders for Publishing and Distribution in 2019.

Al Om Al Rasolah, Resalat Al Om fe Al Hekaya Al Sha’beya Al Arabiyah, Derasah Anthrobologeyah Nafseyah (The Apostle Mother, The Mother’s Message in the Arabic Folk Tale, A Psychological Anthropological Study), by Dr. Mohamed Jouili from Tunisia, and published by the Sharjah Institute for Heritage in 2019.

Al Shea’r wa Ansanat Al Alam (Poetry and Humanization of the World), by Houria El-Khamlichi from Morocco, published by Difaf (Lebanon), Dar al-Aman (Morocco), Al-Ikhtilaf (Algeria) in 2018.

Al Nass wa Al Ekhtelaf Herminoteka Al Sorah End Ibn Arabi (Text and Difference: Interpretation of the Godly Image by Ibn Arabi), by Mohammed Amarch from Morocco, and published by Mominoun Without Borders for Publishing and Distribution in 2017.