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Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, The KSA minister of culture announced the establishment of a publishing house with an independent financial center.

Prince Badr said the publishing house would operate under the ministry and participate in local, regional and international book fairs to promote Saudi culture and literature. It would also sell books at nominal prices through the house’s own outlets, he added.

“This publishing house will be one of the arms of the Ministry of Culture to publish, market, and distribute Saudi books in various Arab countries to achieve the ministry’s vision in terms of supporting books, promoting Saudi culture and literature, strengthening their presence at Arab and international levels, and partnering with international publishing houses to shed light on Saudi books,” he said.

“The publishing house will begin marketing Saudi books published by cultural and literary institution to make them available in Arab book fairs.”

He said the publishing house reflected the goals and initiatives of the ministry, which last month unveiled plans to transform the cultural sector into an essential part of people’s everyday lives. Among these projects are the literature prizes and development of public libraries.