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Starting next year, the Saudi Ministry of Education has will introduce Dr. Ghazi Al Gosaibi’s book, A Life in Management, to the part of the curriculum for secondary stage students in order to impart administrative skills to them.
The move comes in line with the ministry’s keenness to introduce secondary school students to the life of Al Gosaibi, as a politician, diplomat, poet and novelist.
The book, issued by the Arab Foundation for Studies and Research in Beirut, is one of the most important books dealing with the “art of management”, described through the author’s real life and his keenness to serve his country.
A Life in Management is an autobiographical account of Al Gosaibi’s early stages of education until he was appointed the Saudi ambassador to London in 1992, following his 8-year tenure in a similar capacity in Bahrain.
The book deals with Al Gosaibi’s personal experience and his own way of management in every position he held. It also addresses the different situations and obstacles he faced throughout his life. The book is full of wisdom, allowing administrators, especially young people, to draw important lessons from it.