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Publisher Munhakdongne suspended sales of books featuring author Kim Bong-gon’s works for using without consent an acquaintance’s private messages.

The issue was first raised when a person claimed she was “sister C” from Kim’s Young Writers Award-winning “Such Life” on Twitter on July 10, saying Kim used messages between them word for word in his story without her consent.

Munhakdongne initially refused to suspend the works but decided to do so when an additional person claimed to be a victim in another novel by Kim.

“Today, someone raised an issue regarding author Kim Bong-gon’s ‘Summer, Speed,’ and the author admitted to the claims,” tweeted publisher Munhakdongne. “In order to prevent further damage, we will stop the sales of both ‘Summer, Speed’ and ‘2020 11th Young Writers Award Collection.’”

Changbi, which published a collection of fiction by Kim featuring “Such Life,” also announced it would edit the passage of “Such Life” in question and offered to exchange the books as well.

Criticism aimed at Kim and Munhakdongne has continued as multiple people demand that “2020 Young Writers Award Collection” be re-released without Kim’s work entirely.

Source: Korea Herald