The Life and Work of Salah Jaheen; Tribute At The Cairo Book Fair

Renowned Egypt’s poet and author Salah Jaheen (Dec. 1930 – April 1968) was chosen as the main personality of the 54th Cairo International Book Fair, which will take place at the International Exhibition Centre of Egypt, from the 26th of January to the 6th of February.

“The late Egyptian poet Salah Jaheen will be the personality of the year, while the Egyptian writer Kamel Kilani, who has pioneered children’s literature across the Arab world, will be the personality of the year at the children’s exhibition,” the Egyptian Ministry of Culture said in a statement.

The 54th edition of the event focuses on Jaheen’s poetry, biography and his comics, which will be involved in the event’s program, according to Minister Nevine Al-Kilani.

During the first week, many of those who knew his best and who accompanied him on his literary and academic career will pay tribute to him.

Born in Cairo on December 25, 1930, he earned his degree from the law faculty at Cairo University.

Jaheen is known as a comic poet. But the truth is that his poetry has a deep social and cultural purpose. The multi-talented artist has also been threaded into the music field.

The late poet, cartoonist, actor, and screenwriter, has been one of the most acclaimed writers of his generation.

Throughout his long-standing career, the renowned scenarist wrote a number of movies and a range of funny poems and sketches also.

Moreover, he wrote some great patriotic songs, such as ‘Soura’ (Photograph) and revolutionary ‘Ehna El Shaab’ which played a great role in the revolution of 1952.

He was the editor-in-chief of Sabah el Kheir magazine in 1956, and then he joined the Al-Ahram newspaper staff.

Apart from journalism, Jahin presented many successful movies, including ‘Khali Balak Men Zouzou’ “Take Care of Zouzou 1972”, starring the legendary actress Souad Hosny, also known as Cinderella. The movie was screened for over a year in domestic cinemas and the soundtrack and script are deeply embedded in Egypt’s social history.

With more than 50 plays and films in his career, Jaheen was allocated many awards for his immense contribution to Egyptian cinema including the Egyptian Order of Science and Arts First Class in 1965, presented by late president Gamal Abdel Nasser.

In 1986, the most acclaimed writer and cartoonist of his generation passed away at the age of 55.