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Dr. Awad Bin Saleh Al Awad, Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, has revealed that Russia has been selected as Guest of Honour for Riyadh International Book Fair 2018. The minister made the announcement on the sidelines of his visit to Moscow, where he was attending Saudi Cultural Week.
Russia will participate at Riyadh Book Fair in March next year with a giant pavilion that will mark its first presence at the event. The pavilion will feature publishing houses that release books in Arabic and English, host a galaxy of prominent Russian literary figures and media personalities, and showcase events related to Russian heritage and culture.
Russia will also be Guest of Honour at Paris Book Fair, according to the National Syndicate of Publishers. The organising body explained that their selection was based on the deeply rooted historical and cultural ties between France and Russia.
The Paris Book Fair – the largest literary event in France – also takes place in March 2018 and its organisers are inviting 30 top Russian writers whose work reflects diversity and dynamism to participate. The authors will include internationally recognised writers and emerging and new talent who will introduce the fair’s visitors to contemporary Russian literature.