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Book fair in Sharjah features rare copies of the Holy Quran

 The 41st Sharjah International Book Fair features a special exhibit of manuscripts traced back to the 15th and 16th centuries, including a rare family tree of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

 This unique opportunity to see perfectly preserved, embossed books on genealogy, geography, history, linguistics, and literature, along with a detailed description of their origin and history, awaits visitors as they enter the main atrium.

 The exhibit includes one of the most acclaimed Arabic dictionaries, Firuzabadi’s 14th century CE manuscript Al Qamus Al Muhit, a 17th century cosmology book called Miracles of Existence, as well as Makki bin Abi Talib Al Quaisi’s 13th century manuscript on the sciences of the Quran, Uncovering the Faces of The Seven Readings. This is the oldest manuscript at the exhibition.

 This exhibition is organised by Italy’s ancient Ambrosiana Library and the Catholic University of Sacred Heart.