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The Saudi-based Prince Mohammad bin Fahd Foundation for Humanitarian Development (PMFHD) recently launched the ‘Marefa (Knowledge) International Project,’ which aims to facilitate the transfer and exchange of knowledge by translating books into and from Arabic. The initiative will also conduct thorough studies on translated materials and consider constructive ideas to support and develop Arab communities.

PMFHD will partner with local and international publishing houses to select the best books to be translated under the scheme. As a start, ‘Empowering Youth’ by author Kelly Curtis has been chosen for translation into Arabic. Published by Search Institute Press, the title addresses how to encourage young leaders to do great things.

The translated work is expected to be published in a few weeks. A study will then be conducted to draw conclusions from the book in order to launch practical programmes and projects based on them that are aimed at boosting human development in all fields. Preparations to organise workshops which aim to achieve this objective are currently underway.