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Thursday June 17th, visiting the Hauts de France, President of France Emmanuel Macron was to present a plan for education, reading and French language. During his visits, he announced Reading as the new Great National Cause starting from this summer for a one year period, until summer 2022. The project is particularly directed towards children and young adults.

Accompanied by his wife Brigitte Macron, former French teacher, and actor Fabrice Lucchini, a French actor, big lover of the French literature and language, President Macron was celebrating the 400° birthday of Jean de la Fontaine, one of the French authors most studied in France, with his well-known “Fables de la Fontaine”.

This announce will be the start of a series of initiatives, that will aim to enhance the learning and the practice of reading at all ages. Reading is one of the “bases of citizenship” as it allows to “develop the empowerment capability, to connect to others, and to create a national community through common values”, he said.

“We want to engage teachers, associations, libraries, actors, writers, etc.. When one cannot read or write, they cannot find their place in the society” he added. Fighting the illiteracy is a daily challenge. »

The CNL National Book Centre, will oversee this campaign’s coordination, under the aegis of both the Culture and Education Ministries, with the initiative “Partir en Livre”, from June 30 to July 25. The French government wants to reinforce its “libraries plan” thanks to a grant of 40 M€ for refurbishment works, new books sourcing, entertainments, and by extending the opening hours.

What is the “Great National Cause” ?

Great National Cause is a governmental label created in 1977, and that is attributed each year, for one year, to a theme of public interest, leading to media initiatives and fundraising. Selected associations will benefit a wide media coverage and visibility thanks to free of charge diffusions of messages on public radios and channels.