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In an interview with the Saudi newspaper “Al-Riyadh”, children’s author Philip Ardagh pointed out that children’s stories are different from those targeting adults in that they require presenting new ideas, visions and feelings unusual for them. Ardagh believes that books instill many feelings and emotions in the hearts of children, such as happiness, sadness, shock and surprise, and that reading is the key that unlocks broad horizons that brighten children minds and unleash their thinking abilities.

On the secret of the abundance of his literary production, Ardagh said: “The secret lies in loving what I do, as I have been pursuing my hobby as an author and publisher for nearly thirty years. I believe I was very fortunate throughout these past years for being confident in my passion and supportive for my family from writing profession. I know a lot of writers and authors who have other professions besides writing, but I make a living from my writings and the activities that I participate in”.

Philip Ardagh encourages aspiring children’s authors to read as much as possible, allocate time for writing and stick to it as a permanent routine. Ardagh recommends the writers to choose any idea, however simple it is, to write about, if no topic comes to mind. Finally, he advises them not to throw anything, whether it is on paper or on computer, because a writer may return to a story, he wrote years ago, and might yet draw a new story from a single sentence or an idea.