Paul Auster’s Books Are Available to Arabic Readers

Paul Auster’s Books Are Available to Arabic Readers

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Following the hugely popular series of books by American author, novelist and journalist Paul Auster translated into Arabic, Italy-based ‘Al Mutawassit’ has published three more Arabic versions of his books, ‘Travels in the Scriptorium’, ‘Sunset Park’ and ‘The Invention of Solitude’.

The 152-page novel ‘Travels in the Scriptorium’ addresses the author’s moral responsibility towards his fictional characters and ‘Sunset Park’, a neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York, is a 188-page novel which describes the global financial recession in 2008 and the impact on the lives of the neighbourhood’s residents.

Paul Auster’s debut work, ‘The Invention of Solitude’ is divided into two parts, ‘Portrait of an Invisible Man’ and ‘The Book of Memory’. The 248-page memoir features Auster’s literary and narrative personal opinions, how and when they were created and developed, and their relation to postmodern literature.

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