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Pan Macmillan, the book publisher of Pete Evans’ cookbooks, announced it will not continue its contractual relationship with the controversial chef, in light of his recent posts in which he claimed Covid-19 is a hoax.

In a statement posted to social media, Pan Macmillan, the publisher of his books, said it “does not support the recent posts made by Pete Evans” and “will not be entering any further publishing agreements moving forward”.

The publisher also clarified that any retailer that wishes to return Evans’ books can get in touch with them.

Media reports also said a number of retailers including Dymocks, Woolworths and House have since followed suit, stating they would no longer sell Evans’ cookbooks, cookware or food products.

Channel Ten has reportedly let Evans go from its upcoming season of reality show “I’m A Celebrity”. In modern parlance, Evans has been well and truly cancelled.

The long-time controversial Pete Evans has been making headlines recently for his posts about conspiracy theories, in which he claims Covid-19 is a hoax, as well as many other things.

This weekend, Evans shared neo-Nazi memes on his Facebook account, including a cartoon with a neo-Nazi symbol worn by the Christchurch terrorist.

Evans posted the cartoon to his Facebook and Instagram accounts over the weekend, featuring a caterpillar with a MAGA hat and a butterfly with the Black Sun symbol, also known as the sonnenrad or sunwheel.

The Christchurch terrorist used that same symbol in his backpack and his manifesto.

Evans’ post generated controversy online with Facebook users saying he “outed himself as a Nazi”.

Over the last few years, Evans has had cookbooks pulled for potentially placing babies at risk, was fined by the Therapeutic Goods Administration an unproven “Bio-Charger” device and faced growing public criticism for his views on health, Covid, vaccinations and politics.

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