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The year 2017 must rank as one of the most fulfilling in the life of French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who took office in mid-May. Aside from his major political achievement, Philippe has attained significant cultural and artistic success with the announcement by French publishing house JC Lattès that his co-authored novel ‘Dans I’ Ombre’ (In the Shadows) would shortly be turned into a film.

Philippe, who was the mayor of the Normandy port city of Le Havre, had his co-written political novel published in 2011. His partner for the work was Gilles Boyer, his comrade in the ‘Union for a Popular Movement.’ The thriller achieved widespread popularity, especially among the younger generations.

Dans l’Ombre is a scathing saga about ego and wrongdoing in a French presidential election campaign. It tells the story of the last months of the campaign, which was conducted amid severe tensions in the country. The novel’s rights were sold to Elzevir Films, while Guillaume Canet, a French actor, film director and screenwriter, was assigned to turn it into a movie.