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A new publishing consultancy and literary agency, Bergstrom Studio, was launched by Abigail Bergstrom, to break down the barrier between aspiring writers and the industry.

Bergstrom Studio, the 360° publishing consultancy, will help “emerging writers find their voices, turning good ideas into published books and writers into published authors”, Bergstrom said.

She made the announcement after three months of leaving Gleam Titles following five years with the company.

Bergstrom’s new venture will offer a range of services to help authors and build their brands.

“The studio will offer an exciting range of bespoke editorial services and creative consultations, to help writers develop a commercially viable idea, finish their novel or realise a non-fiction proposal,” Bergstrom said.

It aims to offer the industry services it is eager to have, while signalling a new role in publishing that demands an editorial, agenting and writing skillset, she explained.

“The packages on offer also include IP development offerings for content formats, such as digital book clubs, podcasts, newsletters. Bergstrom Studio will work with authors directly to help them cultivate an author brand and reach their readers,” she added.

The company will also offer a “Bergstrom Studio Grant”, which will subsidise a year’s rent of an aspiring author from an underrepresented background, to enable them to write.

The studio is currently fundraising and information on how to apply for the grant will be announced next year.

In addition, Bergstrom Studio will work directly with publishers, agents, and writers, as part of its commitment to be a home for the writing community.

Bergstrom has worked in publishing for over a decade and was nominated for Literary Agent of the Year at the 2020 British Book Awards. She was also listed in The Bookseller 150 and her debut novel, What a Shame, will be published by Hodder next year.

Source: The Book Seller