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Bath Spa university and Paper Nations  creative writing organisation, have teamed up to create a new online platform that aims to champion isolated and marginalised writers.

The Great Margin project will help writing groups that support isolated members tap into more resources and reach bigger audiences, thus helping them on their journey to becoming published authors.

Created by writers for writers, The Great Margin, aims to amplify the voices of people writing from the margins of society.

The group wants to hear from any type of writing group that supports isolated writers, including hospital writing groups, community writing groups, nature writing groups, experimental writing groups, writing groups for elderly writers and writing groups for Black writers.

“The Great Margin aims to unite writing groups across the country and to draw attention to the importance of writing for creativity, well-being and for dialogue in times of crisis,” said Bambo Soyinka, Professor of Story at Bath Spa University and founder of Paper Nations.

Paper Nations has recently set up five new online writing support groups for 50 writers who are facing economic hardship, social deprivation or cultural barriers relating to disability, race, gender and/or caring duties.

The group is working with BBC Upload

to give selected writers the chance to record their work and get it aired on BBC Upload, the BBC’s online service which allows users to upload their own content.

BBC Upload has also teamed up with The British Library to record and save new writing for future generations.


Source: Good Housekeeping