Nasser Iraq: Literary Awards Provide Crucial Impetus to the Novel

Nasser Iraq: Literary Awards Provide Crucial Impetus to the Novel

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Winner of the prestigious Katara Prize for Arabic Novel 2016 from Egypt, Novelist Nasser Iraq, recently remarked that literary awards and recognitions play a key role in promoting novels. He pointed out that these awards are in a way the ultimate delight and recognition for novelists who win them, especially those of an international stature, as recognitions from outside one’s country play a crucial role in promoting authors, both regionally and internationally.

In an article published by the Akhbar Al Adab (Cultural News) Newspaper, he stated: “The sudden surge in the literary recognition of novelists has resulted from the launch of several important awards in the Arab world. These prizes give their receiver both fame and money; a dream that any creative writer holds dear.”

Iraq, the author of novels Azbakeya, (The Hoopoe’s Crown), and Unemployed, added: “It is true that sometimes the proliferation of these awards means that they end up in the hands of writers who still need to polish their skills further, and highlight works that cannot be called top quality. However, this does not mean we should stop encouraging everyone to write, develop and compete to be the best. Competition plays a crucial role in developing people’s talent, and in leading the humanity to growth, not only in creative fields, but in all walks of life.”

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