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Three years after the suspension of the Tripoli International Book Fair due to unrest in Libya, the Steering Committee of the General Culture Authority recently held a series of intensive meetings to overcome obstacles that hinder the organizing of the 12th edition of the Tripoli book fair, which is expected to be held in October of 2017.

An important meeting among the concerned parties was recently held in Tripoli, and attended by Hasan Ounayes, Head of the Steering Committee; Salah Hamza, Head of the General Association of Exhibitions; Mohamed Al Tamimi, Head of the Tripoli Passport Authority; Ali Aoun, President of the Libyan Publishers Association; and other officials.

The meeting highlighted the importance of creating the necessary conditions for hosting publishers from all over the world. They expressed their confidence that the book fair will help promote their cultural vision, and also boost tourism in the country, despite the current situation in Libya.