What Happened to Ruthy Ramirez by Claire Jiménez

One night many years ago, the Ramirez family lost their middle child, Ruthy, without a trace. They thought the search was hopeless until one night they spotted a woman on a reality TV series that looks suspiciously like their Ruthy, down to the birthmark under her eye. The Ramirez family along with a few tag-a-longs, decide to drive up to where the show is being filmed and confront them.

Evil Eye by Etaf Rum

When she marries a charming entrepreneur and moves to the suburbs, Yara thinks she has finally escaped her conservative Palestinian upbringing. Yet even her dream job with her dream family doesn’t seem to fulfill Yara. Yet as Yara’s world begins to implode, she realizes that the upbringing that she thought she left behind has lastly consequences for her and her daughters.

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything by Kara Gnodde

Art and Mimi Brotherton are siblings and housemates whose bond was solidified by the death of their parents. Art is a Mathematical genius and Mimi decides she needs his skills to find her a soulmate. When she finds Frank, she is intrigued and Art is wary. Will their relationship drive a wedge between the siblings?

A Likely Story by Leigh McMullan Abramson

Isabelle wants to be a successful writer like her father, but after the death of her mother, she discovers shocking secrets that makes her wonder about her family and how much of her life is a lie. This book-within-a-book about a man who cheated his way to the top will leave you questioning who is the author.

Dust Child by Nguyēn Phan Que Mai

This book is written by the author of The Mountains Sing, it is about two sisters who are trying to help their parents pay off their debts by going to work in a bar in Saigon, in 1969.

Quarantine Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

This is a brand-new instalment of the princess diaries and is what happens when Mia Thermopolis of Genovia has her diaries written over the pandemic leaked.

Two Wars and A Wedding by Lauren Willig

This is a dual-timeline story with a single heroine who finds herself caught in a war between Greece and Turkey in 1896 and in the Spanish-American War of 1898.

Strangers in the Night: A Novel of Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner by Heather Webb

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner are Hollywood icons. Individually they were unstoppable but together, they were explosive. This biographical historical fiction tells their love story with an amazing cast of characters.

Beyond that, the Sea by Laura Spence-Ash

in 1940, Millie and Reginald Thompson have to make the horrible decision to send their 11-year-old daughter, Beatrix to America as bombs fall on London. Bea arrives in Boston where she integrates into the world of the Gregorys. Bea is torn between the world to which she was born and her new life that feels like her own.

The Perfumist of Paris by Alka Joshi

Radha is living in Paris with her husband and two daughters. The year is 1974 and she is still grieving the baby boy she gave up years ago. When a position with a master perfumer comes up and Radha travels to India, she finds out the boy she never told her husband about is headed to find her in Paris.

Her Lost Words by Stephanie Marie Thornton

This biographical fiction tells the story of Mary Wollstonecraft, an author who was radical for her time and wrote the book A Vindication of the Rights of Women. Years later, her daughter, Mary Shelley, will be the groundbreaking author of Frankenstein.

Now You See Us by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Corazon, Donita, and Angel are Filipina domestic workers who are living and working in Singapore. When a new story explodes, the three women are shocked. A domestic Filipina maid has been arrested for murdering her employer. Now the three women come together to solve the mystery of what really happened on the day of the murder.