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Algerian author, novelist and poet Nawal Jibali has recently founded ‘Ajneha’ (Wings) – a publishing house that is unique as it also features a cultural foundation. The foundation will cater to Algeria’s 21 million inhabitants in satiating their love for cultural activities and demand for books.

Al Jibali is a two-time winner of the President of the Republic Prize for Young Creative Writers, and has also been honoured with the Mediterranean Women Award, and the Namaan Publishing House Cultural Prize. Ajneha aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to invest in the publishing industry despite the challenges and risks that face the cultural sector.

The Algerian novelist has urged the country’s Ministry of Culture to support her and allow her to contribute to the publishing industry and the cultural sector. She pointed out that that she chose Ajneha (Wings) as the name due to the word’s significance that indicates freedom, liberty and advancement, and said this is the message the publishing house is seeking to emphasise in its forthcoming publications.