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Maite Ventura, the Managing Director of LaLiga (Spanish football league), presented the 59-page thematic dictionary to a crowd of excited youngsters at the Spanish Pavilion at the Sharjah international book fair to promote the learning of the Spanish language by introducing them to the world of Spain’s most famous teams and players.

With an introduction in both languages and plenty of football terminology to expand one’s vocabulary in both languages, the dictionary also aims to educate kids on basic concepts related to football.

The Managing Director of LaLiga said: “The football dictionary has aroused a lot of curiosity, amongst children, youths and adults alike, as it has an impressive mix of football, Spanish, and Arabic.”

She added: “LaLiga is extremely popular in the MENA region, and we have observed a growing interest amongst fans of the professional football league to learn Spanish to be closer to the sport. This bi-lingual dictionary is a perfect mix of both the cultures and features illustrations that introduce readers to the two languages and will further expand the fan base of LaLiga in the region. ”

Since football is a sport that emphasises the value of teamwork, Maite Ventura said she is hopeful that the dictionary will help youngsters incorporate essential values at a young age that will shape them into even better individuals.