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The 43rd edition of the Kuwait International Book Fair, organized by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature, has been inaugurated on Wednesday morning, November 14, 2018, with the participation of 505 publishers from 26 countries, i.e. 17 Arab countries and 9 foreign. Moreover, 35 government entities, including Kuwait, Gulf and Arab ministries, bodies and organizations and 9 regional, international and Arab organizations are participating in the Fair.

The Fair’s events include workshops, intellectual seminars, evenings and meetings with intellectuals and writers, and exhibitions of fine arts, architecture and caricatures, activities for children as well. The Fair assigns a pavilion to the Department of Antiquities and Museums (Kuwait National Museum) of the National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature to present the latest archaeological discoveries in Kuwait, in addition to shedding the light on the path of the archaeological missions involved in excavations throughout Kuwait.

The Fair has indeed prepared a special and distinguished pavilion named, “Jerusalem the Perpetual and Real Capital of Palestine” as a contribution to shed the light on the Palestinian case and the tragic incidents occurred in Jerusalem that necessary to be eye-catching. It is noteworthy that Mr. Ehab Bseiso, the Palestinian Minister of Culture, has been invited to attend the inauguration and to give a lecture on Jerusalem, in addition to another lecture given by the Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta.