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In an attempt to counter the shortage of printed books for visually impaired people in the Arab world, the Kuwait Blind Association has announced the establishment of the first Arab publishing house specialising exclusively in publication and distribution of braille books.

The new publishing house will be a new addition to the association’s leading press in printing books of different types in the Gulf region and Arab world.

In 1995, the association established a printing press named after the late Mohammed Abdul Mohsen Kharafi. Over 22 years, the press printed thousands of titles and magazines for a large number of Kuwait publishing houses and institutions, including printing copies of the Holy Quran, Kuwaiti Constitution, and many books in braille and other languages.

The new publishing house will focus on publishing, printing and distributing award-winning novels, dictionaries and reference books, in addition to the books on general topics to enrich the knowledge of the visually impaired in Kuwait and beyond.