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Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and Information (MoCI) has announced that its new digital system of book printing and permit publishing has registered approximately 3,500 titles by authors and publishers since the beginning of this Islamic year 1438 AH (October 2016). The Ministry also said that it has finalised more than 52% of the overall books submitted in less than one week.

MoCI revealed that the number of publishing houses that were registered in its system has increased significantly, with more than 1,000 registered publishers and 2,400 registered authors. The Ministry pointed out that the numbers indicate the efficiency of the new digital system in accelerating the process of acquiring the necessary permit required for publishing a book.

Through the new system, the authors and publishers can upload a copy of the book to the MoCI website, follow up the control commission’s notes and modifications and complete the procedures electronically to receive the required publishing permit.