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Kan Yama Kan, an initiative organized by the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) to collect and distribute books to children and young people in crisis-affected areas around the world, announced a partnership with Tawseel to collect children’s books that are donated by individuals and institutions across the UAE.

Book donations can be made by calling Tawseel at 065031734. Donated books will be sterilized, sorted and classified before sending them to the needy children in the crisis areas around the world.

Until 2020, the initiative has managed to collect more than 15,500 books in Arabic, English and other languages, and nearly 13,700 books have been distributed to a number of areas experiencing humanitarian crises, political unrest, or social conditions, where children face difficulty in accessing the book.

The UAE-Jordan camp, supervised by the Emirates Red Crescent, has accounted for the largest part of the donated books, with 5,000 books (35% of the total books) distributed so far from its donation. The other contributions came from schools and libraries in India, Morocco, Lebanon, Greece, and Italy.