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The ‘Jordanian Family Library’ was able to publish 627 titles, and sold three million copies over 10 years, 720,000 of which are for children, at the ‘Reading for Everyone Festival’, which is organised each year by the Ministry of Culture in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since 2007.

The 10th edition of the festival, which showcases the Jordanian Family Library’s titles in many Jordanian cities, concluded on November 23, 2017. It published 50 new books on culture, history, art, heritage, literature, science, and children’s and young adults’ books that were written by Jordanian, Arab and international authors.

The Jordanian Family Library’s titles are sold at a reasonable price, ranging between 25 and 35 Jordanian ‘Qirsh’ or piasters (less than USD 0,50). The books are available at 50 distribution centres in different Jordanian cities.