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The Iraqi novelist Dhia Jubaili won ‘AlMultaqa Prize for Arabic Short Story’ held this under the title  “the Late Ismail Fahad Ismail,” for his collection “La Tawaheen Fe Al-Basra” No windmills in Basra,” whereas he has been given 20 thousand US dollars. In addition, he obtained the trophy of appreciation and the prize certificate.

According to the Judging Committee headed by Suad Alenezi, Kuwaiti critic, the collection did deserve the prize because it dealt with “war in a manner that combines realism and fantasy together and it sarcastically shed the light on the war to be a great question of the importance of the absurdity, naught and sincere desire to escape the absurd death”.

The other four novelists, whose names have been recorded in the short list, won 5,000 US dollars, the shield and the prize certificate, namely: Belqais Almulhim, from Saudi Arabia, for her collection “Hal Tashtari Theyabi” “Do You Buy My Clothes“, Mansoura Ezzeddine, from Egyptian, for her collection “Ma’wa Al-Gheyab” Shelter of Absence,” Mohamed Ja’far, from Algeria, for his collection “Ibtiqar Al-alam” Innovation of Pain” and Saad Mohammed Raheem, from  Iraqi, for his collection” Kuncan