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Ibiidi Egypt, the Alexandria-based leading online book distributor in Egypt and more than 60 other countries around the world, has announced its business expansion plans to include, besides distribution, book publishing through the establishment and launch of a new publishing platform under the name “ “. will select, revise, edit and produce the best works with the highest quality. The expansion plan will include translation of some of the literary works from Arabic to English in order to reach the largest readership around the world and contribute to the development of the publishing industry in the Arab region.

Ibiidi Egypt’s business has seen extensive expansions since its inception. Following its online bookstore, it launched, which offers many services to publishers such as book data distribution, book cover design and production, and linguistic review.

The Company stressed that the expansion is not intended to reproduce the experiences of local publishing houses, but rather to launch a unique and totally new experience in the Arab region, to serve as a model for others to follow. “The move aims to expand the marketing and distribution of books”, said Ibiidi.