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In light of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, which supposedly reveals secrets about the royal family that he learned and experienced inside the palace walls, there has been much fanfare. Since Harry has shirked his royal duties, the royals have been preparing for the inevitable backlash that will follow from his tell-all. Harry, however, might be beaten to the punch by Prince Edward, who will soon publish his own memoir.

A source close to the Duke of Kent has reportedly told the Daily Mail that his upcoming book will take readers “behind the scenes of the world’s most celebrated family.” Specific details about what the book will contain have not yet been released, but we do know when it will be published. According to the Daily Mail, the book will be published in May, shortly before Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee celebration. Prince Edward’s book comes out before Prince Harry’s – a timing decision that cannot be coincidental.

Edward, unlike Harry, has remained steadfastly loyal to the queen and a strong advocate for the royal family. There’s a good chance that his and Harry’s books will share very different perspectives on life in the royal family.

Prince Edward is also an amateur photographer in addition to his royal duties. The book will include many of Edward’s own photographs and focus on “the most important moments and themes of The Queen’s life and seventy-year reign.” As the queen’s close confidant and friend, Edward is poised to shed light on the more positive aspects of her reign and the many milestones for which he was present.

Prince Harry’s book is likely to have a very different tone. As Harry’s book is set to be published in late 2022, there have been concerns about whether the royal family will be portrayed favorably. Earlier this year, Harry announced his book. The prince stated in a statement at the time that he is writing as the man he has become, rather than the prince he was born to be. “I am deeply honored to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the course of my life so far. I am thrilled to share an accurate and entirely truthful firsthand account of my life with everyone”.

Prince Charles may have a lot to worry about when it comes to Harry’s book. If I were Prince Charles, I would hide under a pile of coats,” royal expert Andrew Morton. “I think we’re going to see Charles once more in the firing line.” However, Edward’s book will surely be more kind. Perhaps the two will balance each other out.

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