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Located in the heart of Paris, a few hundred metres from the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, the ‘Le Pavillon des Lettres’ (The Pavilion of Literature) hotel has become a celebrated hotel in one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods of the French capital, not only because of its luxury facilities and premium services, but also because it is the first hotel in France that dedicates itself to book lovers.

The Pavilion of Literature attracts a large number of literature-loving tourists each month, given the unique service it delivers through providing guests with the opportunity to order their favourite books and enjoy reading them before going to bed, or at their convenience during their stay.

The hotel features 26 rooms, each named after a renowned writer, starting with Jean-Jacques Rousseau and ending with Virginia Woolf. The walls in each room feature quotes by acclaimed writers and philosophers, while the lobby has numerous shelves filled with books that guests can avail themselves of.