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The Spanish publishing house, Alfaguara, is set to publish “Fierce Times“, the recent novel of the Spanish-Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Liosa, who again highlights political tyranny through the story of the military coup that toppled Guatemalan President Jakobo Arbenz in 1954.

The writer, known for his great passion for history, especially in Central America, argues that “Arbenz sought to make necessary reforms, but was removed by a military coup led by Carlos Armas, who in turn was the victim of a mysterious assassination whose details and perpetrators remained vague.” According to Mario, Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo is more likely to be behind the assassination.

The 2010 Nobel Prize-winning writer noted that he drew the title of his new novel from the “Book of Life” of Saint Teresa or Teresa of Ávila, who lived in Spain (1515-1582). “In fierce times, it is necessary to have strong faithful friends to strengthen the weak,” Saint Teresa says in her book. Fierce Times will be available for readers on October 8, 2019.