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‘Kalimat’ released an Arabic edition of Frida Kahlo’s book

 At the 41st Sharjah International Book Fair, Kalimat Group released the Arabic version of a children’s book, Frida, Friducha, Frida: A Day with the family.

 Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and CEO of Kalimat Group, led a storytelling session in Arabic with a group of young children during Day two of SIBF 2022. Afterwards, Ricardo Sánchez Riancho read the story in Spanish. 

 Beautifully illustrated by Carlos Velez and translated into Arabic by Samar Mahfooz Baraj, Frida, Friducha, Frida: A day with the family is inspired by the early life of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, one of the world’s most influential artists. ‘Friducha’ was a nickname given to Kahlo by her artist husband, Diego Rivera.

 Bodour Al Qasimi’s storytelling session in Arabic detailed the delightful story of a day in the life of Frida, a young free-spirited girl who sets off from her house in the charming neighborhood of Coyoacan to venture into Mexico City.

 Through the captivating images, young readers are introduced to the colours, animals, and vignettes of Mexican culture that have come to symbolise the iconic painter’s life and journey as an artist. In the book, set before the time she contracted polio at the age of six, young readers can see her visit the market, and pick out vegetables, meat and fruits to cook a delicious meal with her mother and sister.

 The sprightly young girl later helps to clean up the kitchen and plays a game with her family before showering and getting ready for bed.

 Complementing the engaging, dynamic narrative is the lively, folk art-style illustrations by Carlos Velez that pays tribute to the vibrant hues of Kahlo’s paintings. The charming visuals reflect the renowned artist’s Mexican heritage and her fondness of nature.

 Mexican artist Frida Kahlo is best known for her self-portraits. Her bright coloured paintings, numbering around 200, fuse elements of surrealism, fantasy and folklore into powerful narratives. Intimate and powerful, these iconic paintings that express the essence of her life and suffering, are among the most compelling visual images of the 20th century.

 A doll, bearing the likeness of Frida Kahlo, was also unveiled by ‘Kalimat’ to mark the book’s release. The doll, produced in cooperation with “Dumyé”, a specialised doll production company, is part of an initiative to support children in Mexico. ‘Kalimat’ will allocate proceeds from the sale of Frida Kahlo dolls to support children in Mexico, in collaboration with Kalimat Foundation, a non-profit organisation.