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Dar Al Ghad publishing house in China has recently released the Chinese edition of Yuomeyat Moshagheb (The Diary of a Naughty Kid), coauthored by Jamal Al Shehhi and Mohammed Khamis. The five-part series is the first Emirati short stories collection translated into Chinese.

A series of book signing events including a promotion tour across six schools in Jinan city and a public library in Shanghai, with the participation of Dar Al Ghad’s team and the two authors were organised. They shed light on the messages in the different stories, and how they are inspired by Emirati culture, which inspired them to work on this collection.

Dar Al Ghad is part of Shandong Publishing Group, a leading children’s books publisher in China’s Shandong province with a population of 100 million and where the Chinese philosopher Confucius was born. They have a wide distribution network across China.