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Shawqi Bin Hassan


Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia’s central region will host its first ever book fair, taking place on February 22 at the King Khalid Cultural Centre in Buraydah, with the participation of more than 100 publishers from the Kingdom and beyond.

The move comes as a result of the ever-growing demand for new titles and publications in the nation’s book market.

The Saudi Publishers Association welcomed the move to organise the book fair and announced it will strongly participate in its events. The association has pledged to reduce the price of books on display by at least 25% and allocate a dedicated space for young entrepreneurs, which will not only act as a space for selling books, but also as a platform for cultural, educational and social activities.

The book fair is organised by the Al Qassim region in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Saudi Publishers Association and the National Distribution Company. The anticipated strong attendance by university and school students as well as cultural institutions and literary clubs in the region will help to further boost the success of the fair, which will be held annually.