What Napoleon Could Not Do by DK Nnuro

DK Nnuro’s debut novel revolves around three characters. Belinda Nti moved from Ghana to the U.S. to attend college and then law school. She has achieved, as her father puts it, “what Napoleon could not do.” Her brother, Jacob, an awkward computer programmer, stays behind in Ghana, jealous of his sister, and is repeatedly denied a visa to join his new wife in Virginia. Belinda’s husband, Wilder, a wealthy Black businessman, further complicates the picture: he’s from Texas, and views the U.S. as rife with racism and marginalization. But the Nti family puts the country on the pedestal, causing a rift in Belinda’s marriage, which may become too wide to overcome.

Victory City by Salman Rushdie

Booker Prize winner Salman Rushdie returns to the India of his birth in his 13th novel, Victory City. It’s the 14th century and nine-year-old Pampa Kampana watches as a battle razes her home and family. In the aftermath, the goddess Parvati speaks out of Pampa’s own mouth, telling her that an empire will rise in this exact spot, that Pampa will see it all and tell its story—and that here, women will hold equal power. Through the course of her 247-year life, Pampa shepherds Victory City into existence and success, guided along by Parvati.

I Have Some Questions For You by REBECCA MAKKAI

When Bodie Kane, a film producer and podcaster, is invited back to teach a two-week course at her high school boarding school, she is reluctant to accept. Bodie has mostly tried to forget her miserable four years and the murder of a classmate. Yet, when she returns, Bodie can’t seem to wonder if the police actually arrested the correct person … or if the killer is still out there.

Someone Else’s Shoes by JOJO MOYES

Globetrotting Nisha Cantor has the perfect life money can buy until her husband divorces her and cuts her off. Scrambling to hold on to her previous lifestyle, Nisha’s distress hits a peak when even her gym bag is stolen. Meanwhile, Sam Kemp is desperately trying to keep her family afloat. When she tries on a pair of expensive shoes from a gym bag she took by accident, the jolt of confidence inspires her to change her life.

The Porcelain Moon by JANIE CHANG

At the end of the First World War, Pauline Deng runs away from her Chinese family in Paris to escape an arranged marriage back in Shanghai. In the French countryside, Pauline finds shelter with Camille, a French woman planning to escape her own abusive marriage. Until Pauline finds out a terrible secret about Camille, forcing them to make a decision that will bind them together forever.

Stars in an Italian Sky by JILL SANTOPOLO

In 1946, Vincenzo and Giovana fall desperately in love in Genoa, Italy. Although they come from different worlds, they find themselves inseparable, until politics forces them to choose opposite sides. Now in 2017, Cassandra and Luca are in love although their families don’t get along. When Cass’s grandmother and Luca’s grandfather pose for a painting, a long-buried secret changes everything.

On the Savage Side by TIFFANY MCDANIEL

Early in life, identical twins Arcade and Daffodil form an unbreakable connection, clinging even tighter to each other as they are plagued by the generational trauma that plagues their Ohio town. As an adult, Arcade wrestles with her early childhood memories. When women begin dying, Arcade is forced to confront her past to keep her sister safe from the killer.

Code Name Sapphire by PAM JENOFF

In 1942, Hannah is desperate to escape occupied Europe. Unable to get out, Hannah settles at her cousin Lily’s in Brussels and joins the Sapphire Line, a secret resistance group. When Hannah’s mistake causes Lily’s family to be arrested, destined for Auschwitz, Hannah must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for her loved ones.

The Crane Husband by KELLY BARNHILL

In a contemporary retelling of “The Crane Wife,” Kelly Barnhill paints the story of a teenage girl forced to take care of her family. While her mother is a talented artist who weaves beautiful tapestries, her teenage daughter must deal with the practical matters of taking care of the household and her little brother. When her mother brings home a beautiful crane and spends all her time weaving cranes into tapestries, her daughter must do whatever it takes to protect the family.