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The Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum (ADPF) organised a workshop titled ‘The Creative Process and Promising Writer’, presented by Emirati author Fatima Hamad Al Mazroui, on the forum’s second day.

In the workshop, which targeted school pupils from different grades, Al Mazroui addressed creative writing methods and narrative techniques. The workshop also featured Salma Khamis Al Ruzaiqi from the Library Department at the National Book House, an affiliate of the Department of Culture and Tourism.

The activity examined story texts submitted by school students who were trained on how to write and edit texts, and learned the basic skills of short story-writing. They were also introduced to the fundamental mechanisms they need to follow to begin their publishing experience.

Speaking at the workshop, Al Mazroui said: “Creative students face numerous challenges related to raising their awareness and achievement of knowledge, the most important of which is choosing books in the creative field. Other challenges include how enthusiastic they are to read and learn the fundamentals of creativity.”

She noted that being born in the digital age makes these students more inclined to electronic publishing in general and through social media platforms in particular.