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The publishing sector and readers around the world are expecting to see Stephen Hawking’s last book on the shelves in October 2018. The book is published by John Murray Publishing House in the UK and is anticipated to be released in millions of printed and electronic copies in addition to translated versions.

The book is titled Brief Answers to the Big Questions in reference to Hawking’s thoughts about the universe. It is organised into four parts: Why Are We Here? Will We Survive? Will Technology Save Us or Destroy Us? How Can We Thrive?

The book is a selection of Hawking’s reflections from his personal archives, covering everything from the creation of the universe, black holes and alien intelligence, to the importance of space colonisation, the perils and promise of artificial intelligence and the effect of technology on the sciences and the human being.

Part of the proceeds of the book will be allocated to the Neurodegenerative Diseases Society and the Stephen Hawking Foundation. Before his death, Hawking was the world’s most successful author of scientific books, selling more than 10 million copies of A Brief History of Time, which was released in 30 languages over 20 years.