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Startup publisher in Kolkata (India), Exceller Books, supports budding writers to publish their first book and succeeded in a short period of time to publish books from more than 10 countries, covering four continents.

As a new-age publisher, Exceller Books touched upon various kinds of books from different countries and contexts, including drama, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, adventure, horror and detective fiction. It is also one of the very few leading publishers encouraging literature not only in English but also in Hindi and Bengali and looking to explore opportunities to work in other regional languages.

Dr. Sudipta Kumar Ghosh, the founder, branched into book publication, after he found  that the market was already saturated with self-publishing companies, churning out thousands of books every year, making it a real tough competition for startup publishers as well as aspiring writers.

They also focus on multi-channel distribution, making books available in various online portals and physical bookstores worldwide.

“Everybody should have the right to publish their work because it is the most basic right of a writer. So, as publishers, our primary responsibility is to eliminate the procedural complications and enable more editorial cooperation to create an effortless publishing culture. Only this way, we can promote a culture of large-scale knowledge exchange, which is the primary objective of the global publishing community,” said Gosh.

Talking about their future plans in publication, Anjita Ganguly, the co-founder states, “We have plans to expand into audiobook productions with the sole purpose of promoting literature. Our upcoming projects will also be focused on the classics so that our new generations can relish the true flavour of the old literature and writings.”

Their newest global education centre initiative, Exceller Open, offers LIVE courses in a world-class virtual environment and open-access publishing opportunities to academicians and scholars on contemporary topics.

Source: Adapted from Outlook India