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The Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature (EAACL) launched its 15th annual edition. The award is dedicated to recognizing and honouring exceptional children’s literature authors, publishers, and illustrators.

Organised by the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY) and sponsored by Etisalat by e&, the coveted award comprises five categories, namely Early Reader, Picture Book, Chapter Book, Young Adults Book, and the Poetry Book category, which changes every two years.

Submissions for the award are open until August 31 and can be submitted via email to [email protected]. To be eligible, entries must be original, written in Arabic, in printed format, published within the past five years, and not translated. The jury committee will evaluate the entries based on specific criteria and may exclude any submission that does not meet the conditions. Furthermore, the award does not accept electronic, audio, or manuscript book submissions, and self-published books are not eligible.

The award comprises five categories, each receiving AED 180,000, with a total value of AED 1.2 million. In the Young Adult Book category, the amount is divided between the publisher and the author. The award also allocates AED 300,000 to the Warsha program, which organises the Etisalat Award Workshops for Children’s Books. Launched in 2013, the programme aims to discover a new generation of Arab talent and encourage their creative capacities in writing books that embody the local Arabic culture while meeting international standards.


The ‘Early Reader’ category targets children’s books from birth to age five. Publishers can submit a maximum of five books in this category. As for the ‘Young Adults’ category (13-18 years old), it accepts novels and sci-fi books aimed at the age group. Publishers can submit unlimited books in this category, provided they are distinctive and new or revised. The books should contain an engaging story, dialogue, plot, and developed characters.

A maximum of five book submissions is allowed in the ‘Picture Book’ category (5-9 years) giving people the ability to tell their stories through the use of imagery. The ‘Chapter Book’ category (9-12 years) aims to tell a story through text rather than pictures, and publishers can submit unlimited books in this category, provided they are unique and new or modified.

 The new ‘Poetry Book’ category (up to 18 years) is dedicated to poetry for children and adolescents. It can cover various topics, from nature and animals to friendship and family. Publishers can submit unlimited books for this category, provided each book embodies creativity, originality, and appeal and has a high poetic skill.

The Etisalat Award for Arabic Children’s Literature is a highly regarded platform that promotes creativity, nurtures talent, and recognizes the exceptional contributions of authors, illustrators, and publishers in the children’s literature sector. As the submissions for the award are now open, it provides a unique opportunity for aspiring writers, illustrators, and publishers to showcase their talents and make their mark in the world of literature.