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The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) is set to make a significant impact at the 32nd Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (ADIBF), taking place from May 22 to 28. With their groundbreaking platform, Menassah, the EPA showcase an impressive collection of over 14,300 books from 40 esteemed Emirati publishers.

The EPA’s participation aims to attract publishers, academics, authors, and fair attendees to explore the exceptional achievements of Emirati publishing houses. By embracing a diverse range of publications, the association aims to foster a reading culture across all segments of society.

Abdullah Al Kaabi, Chairman of the EPA, expressed the association’s commitment to enhance the UAE’s cultural and intellectual landscape. He emphasized the importance of the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair as an opportunity for regional publishers to network with global industry professionals, promoting business growth and advancing the publishing industry in the UAE.

ADIBF will provide Emirati EPA member publishers with matchmaking sessions, enabling connections with publishers from countries like Turkey and China. These sessions facilitate discussions on potential copyright transactions and the acquisition and sale of book rights, fostering international collaborations and expanding the reach of Emirati publications.

The Emirates Publishers Association will also host informative sessions and workshops, offering valuable insights and practical guidance to industry professionals. Topics include publishing translated books, achieving professionalism in publishing, e-book publishing, the relationship between reading and electronic games, the importance of data in the Arab publishing world, and building good metadata.

The EPA’s active presence at ADIBF underscores its dedication to the cultural and economic development of the UAE through the power of literature, while fostering meaningful connections and knowledge exchange within the global publishing community.