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The Emirates Publishers Association, EPA, revealed the agenda of its debut edition of the Educational Publishing Seminar, to be held in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the International Publishers Association, IPA, on 28th and 29th October 2019, at the Sharjah Publishing City, SPC, Auditorium.

The two-day seminar brings together Emirati publishers, the Ministry of Education and teachers to discuss how they can cooperate in developing a five-year roadmap that will upgrade the national educational system and curricula, and support UAE’s comprehensive development process that prioritises the protection of Emirati heritage and cultural identity. These goals align with the UAE Vision 2021 and support the Ministry of Education’s vision for global knowledge, innovation and pioneering society.

The seminar will host 22 speakers including local and international officials and experts, as well as 20 teachers, to participate in the development of a five-year roadmap to transform the educational publishing sector in the UAE. Participants will also explore how this roadmap can support the implementation of the Ministry of Education’s vision of innovative education within a specific timetable and based on objectives agreed upon by both parties.

IPA President, Hugo Setzer, said, “The IPA’s Educational Publishers Forum has been underlining the importance of publishers cooperation with teachers and government as part of ensuring the best learning outcomes alongside, local solutions and choice for teachers. This comprehensive seminar programme with its commitment to practical outcomes is an outstanding way to bring local and international expertise to the fore.”

Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, Vice President of the IPA, stressed that Emirati publishers have the talent and capability to produce national curricula that not only consolidates the values and identity of the UAE but also adds value to students’ education to render them capable of serving the nation and community.

The top speakers’ list includes Dr. Rashid Al Nuaimi, Executive Director of Media Affairs at the National Media Council; Hugo Setzer, President of the IPA; Ali Bin Hatem, President, Emirates Publishers Association, and Dr. Hamad Al Yahyaei, Assistant Under-Secretary for the Curriculum and Evaluation Sector, Ministry of Education.

The first day features sessions on “The Current Status and Best Practice”, “Educational Publishing in High-performing Education Systems”, “Innovating Education: Challenges and Opportunities for Educational Publishers to Contribute to the UAE’s Development”, and “On the Frontlines: The Viewpoint of Teachers on Teaching and Learning Materials”.

The second day includes sessions to develop a five-year roadmap on how educational publishers can enhance cooperation with the ministry and teachers, and how the Emirates Publishers Association can support them all.

The seminar will close with a presentation of a jointly agreed five-year roadmap.