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The Emirates Publishers Association (EPA) participated in two book fairs in Oman and Saudi Arabia to showcase the exceptionally creative works of Emirati publishers. With the Muscat International Book Fair and Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Region Book Fair 2023 as the backdrop, EPA aims to bring positive change to the Arab literary world and transform how readers enjoy literature in the region.

Through its innovative ‘Manassah’ platform, EPA is providing GCC readers with unprecedented access to the works of 40 Emirati publishers, featuring a staggering 17,000 books spanning across 400 titles. At the 27th edition of the Muscat International Book Fair, EPA showcased 10,000 books 400 titles by 30 Emirati publishers, while at the inaugural edition of Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Region Book Fair, showcased 7,087 books across 378 titles by 40 Emirati publishers at its pavilion until March 11.

In addition to promoting Emirati literature, EPA is utilising its participation in these book fairs as an opportunity for networking and exchanging valuable insights with key stakeholders such as book fair organisers, publishers’ unions, and associations, as well as major institutions and publishing houses. The association is illuminating various initiatives and programmes that aim to support and advance the industry, promote the habit of reading among all community segments, and enrich the libraries of the GCC and Arab regions with titles across all fields.