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As part of the Emirati Book Fair hosted by the Sharjah Book Authority in partnership with the Emirates Writers Union at the Sharjah Book Authority headquarters in Al Zahia, the Sharjah Book Authority hosted a session titled ‘My writing journey – milestones and challenges’ that brought together Dr. Hamad Ben Saray, faculty member, United Arab Emirates University, and Emirati author and poet, Awad bin Hasum Al Darmaki.

The session, moderated by Sheikha Al Mutairi, was attended by Sultan Al Amimi, Chairman of the Emirates Writers Union and a host of writers and intellectuals.

Dr. Hamad Ben Saray said he developed his writing skills during his university days, and urged aspiring writers to research old books and reference material to enhance their skills. This would give readers rich content regardless of the genre, he noted.

Saray, who specialises in the historical genre, pointed out that an author should have the tools and capabilities to write in a particular genre so that his work is precise and thorough. He advised postgraduate students in historical sciences to study the ancient languages, which will help them provide readers with credible content based on proper scientific research.

Awad Al Darmaki, an Emirati author and poet, said that extensive reading forms the basis for a writer’s future. Reading also helps aspiring writers gain a wealth of information and knowledge that puts them on the path to becoming a professional writer.”

According to Al Darmaki, aspiring writers should be encouraged and supported because it will boost their confidence and provide them with the support that they need to continue writing. He added that writers need to be choosy about topics so as to enrich the scene with new and valuable content.